Side LED Display-RGB

Side LED Display-RGB

Product Description

Product Name:Side LED Display-RGB

Country of Origin:Taiwan


Detail Specifications

* (w/patented frame; Patent No. M269219, Patented rear warning device for bus; Patent No. M287253) 
* Front, side and rear displays linkable 
* Frame size: L 1,160mm x H 420mm 
* LED bulbs: 64 x 224 (14,336 dots); distance between bulbs: 5mm; distance between rows: 5mm 
* Display capacity: DIY input of text in any language, graphics or numbers 
* Power: 24V 
* Colors: R+G+B
* Levles: 16-bit color 65535 colors
* Switch of display: DIY presetting of switch interval 

* Custom orders welcome!